Home, Belonging & Connection seem like comforting words, but what if because of the language we use and the experiences we’ve had, we discover that they actually obscure something more important? The Myth of Separation.

If you self-identify as someone who is spiritual or interested in spiritual stuff, then you may recognise that the word “Home” feels somewhere different to where you are/ where you live.

Often, we spiritual folk, see our lives as “temporary accommodation” before we “return home” to our true home in spirit.

If our childhood homes didn’t feel safe, or comfortable, or if we didn’t fit in with the rest of the family, then often, we don’t feel like this is where we belong. We may even feel rejected and disconnected. And as we are unable to relate to this home, we instead turn our focus on our spiritual home.

In this video I share  how I discovered in my 30’s that I was trying to rush through my life to just get home (spiritual home). And I think for alot of spiritual people who are ill – what often happens is this sentiment expresses itself as ” I just want to get through this life in one piece until I get home”. Trying to stay safe and in one piece is what keeps alot of very talented spiritual people stuck in long-term illness. They get stuck in Freeze mode and they don’t want to contribute to life fully, because their main aim is just to “get out of this life alive!!”

But in this video, I talk about the realisation that we’re already home. There is no time or space to travel. We have access to it at every moment. 

But the way we use language often makes us feel like there is terrain to be crossed, hills to climb, time to be taken to get to this end. This language limits us and hurts us ultimately because it’s not true. 

We have access to everything and anything right NOW. The Eternal Now. 

When I realised this, it became a game changer for me. I hope it does the same for you.