YDB New Powerful Healing Statement

..Just for you! Sharon has created this powerful new healing statement which can be used for many areas of life and can be adapted to many areas of your life.

In this video Sharon gives you the framework and understanding of this statement and how it can be used for pain management, health, stress, compassion and many other things.

Healing statements are a bit like affirmations – you can repeat them over and over to create comfort, healing and transformation. Your sub-conscious mind learns through repetition and so the more you say a healing statement, the more it get reinforced and new neural pathways are created. You really are rewiring your brain to understand a new way of looking at yourself, life and it’s challenges.

As Sharon explains in this video – she has been exploring the subject of resistance when she created this new healing statement. She was looking at it through the angle of pain reduction, but realised that it actually had so many different applications and she began to play with the possibilities and you can too.

We tend to resist what we have judged to be “bad” – and so as always this is linked to the practice of non-judgement which a main theme running through the work we do here at YDB.

Check out the video and let us know how you have used this new healing statement to help in your life.

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