How to solve all your problems? ……Simple. Don’t create any!

I talked about this a bit on Septembers’ free Healing Call, but I wanted to make a stand-alone video too to explain how we can make our lives problem-free!
Sounds too good to be true?
Well kinda – I propose that “how to solve all your problems” is by adapting your view on life’s experiences, through non-judgement. If we train ourselves to just see life’s experiences as just that- experience – without judgement, then we wouldn’t see difficulty, adversity or challenges as “problems”. The way that language is constructed, often means that it reinforces the one thing we don’t want! In this case – problems! And what’s worse – once we judge something as a problem we tend to give it a lot of our attention and energy in an attempt to solve it.. but often all that happens is that we end up judging ourselves harshly too. 
The ego mind works super fast, and before you know it – you’ve turned yourself into your problem too! 
Now you have 2 problems – your initial “problem” and now you’re the “problem” too. 
And all of this can be avoided. You don’t need to create this difficulty for yourself! 
Don’t we all want a problem-free life? 
Wouldn’t it be nice to stop judging ourselves and others and just be OK with everyone and everything? 
Couldn’t we just accept that life gives us a variety of experiences?
Take a look and see how if you never create a problem, you can be problem-free for life! 

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