Success 1-2-1 Sessions (Block 6 Hrs)



One-to-One Session Call by video-calling.

6 Hours of Sessions

These personalised sessions have been created to help you define success on your own terms. To pursue the success that reflects you and you alone. So you can create your own unique path to true success – where your needs are met, your vision comes alive and your mission/ promise is fulfilled and you live an aligned life of joy, love and peace.

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These personalised sessions have been designed to help you create your own definition of success. 

You are talented and have something important to share with others – but maybe you feel a bit stuck and frustrated? 

Maybe it’s because what you are striving for, doesn’t actually resonate? Are you striving for what society, peers, family think success looks like? What if you got to define success on your own terms? What if you came into alignment with your life and soul purpose and were able to be in the flow of life without subconscious resistance to your goals always slowing you down?

Contrary to the myth perpetuated by society: putting in a lot of effort and being busy doesn’t mean your hard work always bears fruit. Why? Because if you’re taking  lots of action but it’s not aligned action  you’re going to be putting in alot of effort and not seeing the rewards.

When you put in hard work but don’t get the outcomes you want – the mind knows that the moment is ripe for negative self belief and fears (stress) to take over. This can then affect our decision making and the choices we make that reinforces this rather than moving towards your goals and dreams.

These sessions are here to help you design your own version of success, come into alignment with your true life purpose and soul purpose and create a vision of success that is not only achievable (because your heart is truly in it) but you take action that bears fruit because it is aligned with who you are and what you truly want.

No. of Hours: 6 Hours

For:  those who want to create a deeply personal vision of success 

What is included 

  • redefining success so that it completely resonant with you.
  • exploring and changing your subconscious beliefs that might be holding you back from embracing your vision, self-worth, success and abundance (as you define it).
  • Life Purpose Reading –  Get your success Blueprint …often people are in the right ball-park with their purpose and work but they are not perfectly aligned and therefore their market, offering, skillset needs minor adjustment for success. The life purpose reading with provide clarity around all the questions you may have about your work. 
  • Tapping into your Inner knowing and guidance for what your work is really about and what you are offering through your work and creates motivation and momentum.
  • 2hr Original Blueprint process  – this is a soul reset where not only will you integrate your souls purpose but you will remove/reset the universal obstacles that limit you.