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Running Time: 38.52

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This meditation was channelled by Sharon in July 2020 to be of service to those who are want to understand themselves more, to be able to make sense of their pain or condition and to find deeply hidden truths about themselves and their condition. This is more than a meditation it is a sacred space for self-enquiry and self healing.

**Please note: this meditation is included as a bonus on the Health Video Series. If you have already purchased the Health Video Series, please do not purchase this product it is the same as you already have!


We are happy to offer you this very special YDB Healing Meditation

Running Time : 38 minutes 52 seconds

This is more than just a meditation… it’s an opportunity for true self-enquiry about your health and healing. It was channelled by Sharon in July 2020. 

 This meditation in it’s entirety was passed to Sharon at the end of one of her daily personal meditation sessions. As with the Luminous Life Meditation available on this website, Sharon doesn’t “create” these meditations, she receives them in full and all she does is act like a scribe writing it down  (word for word) so that she can share them with you.

This meditation is longer than most regular meditations because it is so much more than a guided meditation. It offers you an opportunity to expand beyond your minds and bodies and to remember the truth about who you are, your pain or condition and to discover new answers to questions about your health and well-being.

This healing meditation is very dear to Sharon’s heart – because she understands that the word “healing” means “to make whole” and this is the foundation of a lot of Sharon’s work, but it is difficult for many people to know what lies beneath the labelling of this condition. Once we label something – when we have a name for our condition, we often stop enquiring and just accept the label. But Sharon is always keen to encourage you to ask more questions of yourself, because deep within you have all the answers you need for your recovery. Our subconscious minds are there to protect us, so it often tries to hide the truth from us because it’s trying to protect us. It doesn’t understand that we wish to discover the truth at the core so that we can heal ourselves and enjoy our lives. This meditation and space for self-enquiry is an important gift to anyone who wants to understand themselves, their health and ill health and to find a way to recovery.


Reviews of the YDB Healing Meditation

“Great meditation. Sharon’s soothing voice soon let me drift clear of my ever busy mind and opened up a channel to peace and calm, with a sense of expansion.” Bill B, Devon UK

“Oh My that is life changing. Magnificent. I do feel like I have downloaded new software and am different. This is like a multitude of sessions all in one place. I got some new answers to look at. I feel like there are new perspective choices where I only saw blocks. There is an amazing acceptance of being perfectly made to be me in this lifetime. Wow. And I love how I can listen again and again. It is a tool to help me keep steady no matter what I am challenged with, that is how flexible this is. I’m not sure what to do with some of the answers I got, but of course you always offer personal sessions for that kind of help in exploration. I am feeling it in my chest. In my breathing, like a weight has been lifted. Like some part of me was trying to do a job it wasn’t designed for. I feel permission to lighten up. That there is nothing to prove. Such a gift. Thank you so much.”  Alice C, Vancouver Island, Canada

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