Know Your Life & Soul Purpose (Stand Alone 1hr Session)



One-to-One Session Call by video-calling (Zoom)

This 1 hour session brings clarity and the opportunity to receive answers to your questions about your life & soul purpose so that you take aligned action towards living your greatest potential.

You will receive a recording of the call which you can download.


No. of Hours: 1 Hour (Zoom call)

For: anyone who would like a stand-alone life purpose & soul purpose reading (including those who have either gone through another YDB programme where this reading was not included but you feel it would be beneficial).

This 1 hour session brings clarity and offers the opportunity to ask questions about your life purpose so that you can take aligned action towards living your greatest potential. Please note this is not a coaching session, in this session Sharon asks her guide/ the Universe to provide the information regarding your purpose/work.

What’s the difference between life purpose and soul purpose?

Put simply,

Life purpose is what you want to learn and how you wish to express your gifts in this particular lifetime. It is detailed and practical. It’s what your unique contribution is in this lifetime.

Soul purpose is the theme which runs through all your lifetimes – it’s what you want to learn or express through each lifetime. It’s more abstract but more magnificent! It is like the umbrella/ meta-view / over-arching theme and life purpose is the particular way you express this in this particular lifetime.

Sharon used to just offer life purpose readings but she found that when clients could see how their life-purpose sits within the soul purpose, something magical happened! Although soul purpose may be more abstract, everyone who hears their soul purpose, deeply recognises the theme from their life – and it is this recognition that gives power, motivation and impetus to follow their life purpose. It just clicks together and suddenly makes a lot of sense!

It is also a deeply moving experience when you see how magnificent you are in the eyes of the Universe and what a breathtaking beautiful contribution you’re here to make.

What is included:  

  • Detailed information on your Life Purpose 
  • Often people are in the right ball-park but not perfectly aligned with their purpose which is why success is elusive, by receiving a clear vision of your role, your audience/market, your offering etc you will be able to take clear aligned action towards your success.
  • For those who are unsure of their path – this provides clear confirmation
  • Q&A -ask the Universe any question about your life purpose and receive an answer.
  • Soul Purpose – your meta umbrella! It’s a beautiful moment when you can put your life, gifts and expression within this context.

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