The Life You Deserve 1-2-1 Sessions (Block 12 Hrs)



One-to-One Session Call by video-calling or in-person in Bristol, UK

12 Hours of Sessions

This is the Gold-Standard process of YDB. This really is a full-life approach to creating a life of love and vitality that you deserve.

This process is the synthesis of all the research, knowledge and experience of Sharon’s work with optimal performance and well-being in all areas of life. 

This process removes all the untruths accumulated through your lifetime and restores the truth… Because it is the untruths that upset us, trigger us, limit us and stop us from fulfilling our greatest potential. But we’ve accumulated so many untruths that we don’t even know we have so many until we start the process of stripping away, so that our original true nature can shine through. The real you. The one without limits or restrictions. 


This process is a deep dive for those who really want to make the most of their life.

We are taught by society to limit ourselves, hold ourselves back, settle for smaller versions of our true potential… but at YDB we believe that you have been given a life to experience it to its full. You Deserve the BEST of what life has to offer – whatever that looks like for you and so this programme has been created to help you to pursue and achieve just that and equip you to enjoy it with all of your mind, body and spirit!

No. of Hours: 12Hours

For:  those wanting greater health, wellbeing, success in their work & to live an optimal life. For those who want a deep dive into all the limitations that hold them back from their greatest version of themselves and experience of life.

What is included 

  • exploring and changing your subconscious beliefs quickly and easily so that you are re-programmed for self-worth, success, wealth and health & well-being.
  • Learning the power of acceptance, surrender, making powerful aligned choices, trust and love.
  • A YDB specially adapted, direct approach, shadow-work technique to get to the heart of your power.
  • Removing Judgment in all its forms in order to live a life of complete freedom.
  • Removing unseen obstacles
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Learning to take high vibrational  aligned action with lots of tools to help you with this.
  • Energy healing session
  • Original Blueprint process.