Gift Session (Stand Alone 1hr Session)



One-to-One Session by video-calling or in-person in Bristol, UK

Session : 1hr

Do you know someone who might benefit and enjoy a session with Sharon?

Why not gift them a session? Gift a session to someone you care about today!

The Giftee can focus on anything they like – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Gift Sessions are at a reduced price to regualar sessions but there is no difference in service provided.

All sessions are confidential (see below for more information)



Do you know someone who might benefit and enjoy a session with Sharon?

No of hours: 1hr

For: a wonderful gift for someone who you feel might enjoy and benefit from a different , more loving approach to life and healing. There are only 2 requirements of the giftee:

  1. They are open and willing to have the session.
  2. They must be present for the session via video or phone (in special circumstance if the giftee is not in a condition to be on the phone or video for the call, please use the contact form on the website to arrange a call with Sharon prior to booking. It would still be possible to purchase the gift session, but Sharon will need to discuss the special circumstances before taking payment.)

Sessions can be for anything the giftee would like to work on, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or physical.

Often people gift sessions for these reasons:

  • Giftee has been through a stressful time and the body has forgotten how to relax and a session is a good way to restore peace and calm to the Mind, Body, Spirit system.
  • Giftee has a long-term/ recurring problem and has lost hope of recovery from traditional methods and they are now more open to trying alternative therapies.
  • Giftee has a pattern that has a negative impact on their lives but they can’t seem to break it – and they can’t hear it from you, so you would like to offer them a new perspective/professional coaching/ healing to help them to become more aware of their pattern and help them with transforming their pattern.
  • Giftee has always been interested in their past-life or ancestral influences but has never gotten around to booking their own session, but would love it as a gift!
  • Giftee is keen to discover more about their life purpose, career path, future direction and feels a bit stuck or lost and you know they would love a reading for clarity and confirmation so they can take confident steps towards their future. Both life purpose and soul purpse can be offered in a session if there is time.

Even if this is the first time your friend or family member has experienced energy healing or health coaching, they will  be sure to benefit from your gift session.  
​Every gift session is tailored to suit the needs of the giftee and  Sharon will speak to them and explain what to expect before we start with any healing and answer and questions.

Once payment has been made, you will receive an email from YDB which you can forward to your giftee to let them know what a wonderful gift you have got them! This email will have all the details on how to book their session and answer some FAQs that they may have. So all you have to do is forward the email to them and the rest of the booking is easy-peasy!

Please note: All sessions are completely confidential. A gifted session does not entitle the payee to any access to confidential information. Trust in the confidentiality of a session is an essential part of any coaching or healing session, and a gifted session is no different. Please be aware of this prior to booking as no information about the session will be disclosed except to verify if a gift session has taken place or not. This is to ensure the same rights and safe space for all clients.

Please note: Gift Sessions are offered at a reduced price (compared to regular sessions). If the giftee wishes to continue with sessions, all newly booked sessions will need to be booked as standard. However,  as a special gift, they will have the option of a free additional  Support Call Session worth £100, once the main bulk of sessions have ended