Free Consultation Call



If you don’t need any more information and intuitively already know what’s right for you, then please go ahead and buy the product that feels right for you and Sharon will be in contact shortly.

But if you are you unsure which process is right for you, or you would like to discuss your situation and have Sharon advise how she help? Or if you would like more information about the different options available to see which would be best for your situation and budget or to discuss payment plans, then please book  a Free consultation call below.

 No Obligation. 



No. of Hours: 15 mins- 60 mins Please note that although each assessment call has an hour slot: this is just precautionary, the call will only be as long as we need to talk about what you need and for Sharon to assess how she can help you.. so if you’re short on time don’t worry about the duration offered!

Please note this is not an actual session. 

Once you have booked your slot, you will receive your Zoom link for the call in the your confirmation email.

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