At YDB we understand that we all want to live a more peaceful and calm life, but the modern world seems to conspire against this deep desire within us. Modern life is fast paced and creates constant stress, which  takes it’s toll on not only our health but our peace of mind and our interactions with others.

When we are in any stress mechanism: fight, flight or freeze, we are not truly ourselves – we are in a danger avoidance version of ourselves, this stressed version of us is not our authentic self. How we make decisions, how we relate to others, what we choose for ourselves, everything is done in “danger aversion mode” – which often gives us unsatisfying outcomes in relationships, our work, our health and our future plans.

For societies that run on stress, we are offered very little in the way of managing stress and how to return to a place of ever-present peace, calm and authenticity.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In the modern world all stress (no matter what the stress “is about”) stems from a perception and a projection (from the past, into the future) by the mind. Your mind is supposed to protect you from danger, but the mind misinterprets discomfort for danger, and triggers the stress response not for real danger but perceived ideas about your situation.The good news is, that once you have control of your perceptions and projections, you can reduce or even remove feelings of anxiety or stress about anything. Underneath all your perceptions and projections lies your calm.

Both the Peace & Calm sessions and video series, offers you practical tools you can practice yourself  but crucially you will learn how to redefine your perception of yourself and of life, so that you can navigate ALL life experiences with deep peace & calm. 

There are 3 ways you can access these programmes:
Webinar Series
Video Series

You receive the same information about success in all 3 formats the only difference is the level of personalised help and support you receive.

The 3 formats are offered so that you have:
  • Choice of learning style that works best for you
  • Choice of group, personalised support or self-support
  • Choice of deep 1-2-1 work to quickly identify the core of the condition/limitation to success
  • Choice of cost
  • Choice of time commitment
  • Options to buy personalised sessions


Need more information?


Need more information?