New Research from Japan, suggests that oxytocin known as the “love hormone” could help treat Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders.

Could this be proof that love heals?

Back in 2019, I was talking with the Universe (something I do every day) and I was asking for clarity around healing.

I had been trialling my new process the Original Blueprint Process, which I was very happy with how it was helping my clients but I felt like I was missing something very important but I just couldn’t figure out what I was missing. So on this otherwise ordinary day, I was actually on a bus on my way to a client meeting, when I was asking the Universe,

“What am I missing?!”

And that’s when the Universe showed me that the human body contrary to medical convention runs on LOVE. Love is what keeps the body functioning. Love is what makes the cells replicate in a healthy way. Love is what allows the body to communicate within itself to keep itself healthy. Our bodies need love.

What I was missing (and it seems like the whole world too) was the understanding that we need love to be healthy.

By the time I received this information, I had exited the bus and was walking along the street – but on receiving this information so clearly -I literally dropped to my knees and wept.  I was aware that people around me thought there was something seriously wrong with me, but I was quite the opposite of what I looked. I was crying with happiness and deep gratitude that the Universe had given me such a clear and beautiful answer to my question.

Not only that – it confirmed to me also why Quantum Touch works so well as a healing modality: we’re offering the client high vibration love energy.

By the time I reached my meeting I was breathless with excitement and joy!

Over the course of the next few months I read a lot of biology and biochemical studies and articles looking for clues that the scientific profession was close to this realisation too. Or even if they weren’t looking, had they inadvertently found the same? I have a big whiteboard in my office and I tracked everything I read and finally put together a clear process of how we get ill and stay ill from a a whole body bio-chemical perspective. I was shocked to realise that a layperson like me through connecting the dots on the internet could actually find scientific proof..It’s not an easy job because science and the medical profession compartmentalise their areas of research and study – so you have to connect the dots yourself. But the information is there – it’s just missing a lot of connections because the science and medical professions aren’t asking the same questions as me, but there is proof, because they are conducting research and they are getting answers, they are just not connecting the dots in the same way – because they are looking for the ways they can develop drugs, not actually prevent disease or find a non-drug solution.

Going back to this time last year, It is one of the most exciting times in my life. Unfortunately, when I tell people “love is the answer”  people look at me as if I’m some “woowoo” hippie who doesn’t know anything about anything. But the sad thing is, we as humans already know about the healing power of love, we just refuse to acknowledge it because we think the love that is being referred to is romantic love – which it’s not – it’s universal love which heals. Not relationship love.

Anyway, I still scan on a  daily & weekly basis, the newest scientific article releases for hints of proof of what I already know to be true. And this is the latest one!

This has real promise of opening up the discussion too. Science is unlikely to notice that love heals… they will just look for a drug that allows the release of oxytocin to reverse the neuron degeneration/synapse plasticity… instead of looking at the feelings of isolation, unhappiness, bereavement/loss, lack of self love that may have lead to the reduction of oxytocin in the first place.

That’s the thing about science – it looks at the WHAT not the WHY.

But personally, I think it’s more important to ask why does does the feeling of love and wellbeing (oxytocin) potentially work at reducing the effects of alzheimers and depression? What emotional experiences could have lead to the persons neurological degeneration in the first place and how can we prevent the degeneration in the first place?  But even more importantly – if the feeling of  love and wellbeing can reverse the effects of alzheimers and other cognitive conditions, what else might love and well-being heal?

Love is a drug that is free… so big pharma will never find this answer to disease. So if we care about our own health and the health of loved-ones, it’s up to us to recognise the power of love (self-love) within in our life. And we’ll just have to wait for science to catch up.

Oxytocin Could Be Used to Treat Cognitive Disorders Like Alzheimer’s