Below is an interesting and promising article about Multiple Sclerosis treatment through traditional channels.

The explanation at the beginning is actually a pretty good explanation about Multiple Sclerosis but then goes onto talk about the research that shows promise from animal trials about a compound found in cashew nut shells to regenerate the myelin sheaths which get destroyed in Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis comes under auto-immune illnesses – which from my perspective means it’s a Freeze mechanism condition.

All illnesses (without exception) have their own emotional theme. I had M.E and our emotional theme is “over responsibility at a young age” – specifically – emotional responsibility for a parent from a young age. It overwhelms us and eventually wears us down. Knowing this, makes it easier for me to help my clients who come to me for help, because we automatically have a shared understanding. We recognise each other. I have healed from the condition and therefore my clients can trust that I know the way to recovery.

Louis Hay in her amazing book “You Can Heal Your Life”  where she lists a lot of illnesses and their emotional/ mental cause, she puts Multiple Sclerosis (M.S) under ” Mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility and fear.”  But for me personally, from the people I know who have M.S I feel like this is a bit harsh and a bit misleading.

From my experience, people who experience M.S are lovely people who don’t exhibit these traits at all towards others.

And as it is part of Freeze mechanism it would seem unfairly harsh to label them with such because MY theory about M.S (which I completely hold my hands up and say it’s theory because I haven’t personally helped anyone recover from M.S yet) is that the hard-heartedness is towards themselves only (hence it’s auto-immune- the attacking of “self”).

My theory with M.S is that these beautiful lovely souls have A LOT to give, but somewhere in their early experiences they made such a terribly UNTRUE but very deep judgement about themselves and particularly their self- expression that they have trapped themselves within the belief (and their body) that they don’t have anything to offer or probably more accurately; they don’t have the “right” to offer their expression, skills or talents – when the exact opposite is true.

My theory is that there is an internal fight going on between a deep desire to express themselves fully and an equally deep refusal to allow this. That fight is the central part of the auto-immune expression and the freeze mechanism is the mind’s refusal to allow any self-expression as a protection mechanism.

If you read the physiological/ biological description of M.S (in this article or anywhere else) you will notice that the Central Nervous System is what facilitates the communication around the body and with M.S this communication is “short-circuited” – the communication channels are shut down/destroyed. But why? Why does the mind shut down the communication? My theory is that the mind is bullying the parts of itself which want to express themselves.

As you may know, I always reconnect my clients vagus nerve regardless of what they come to me for help for – because everyone’s communication highway (the vagus nerve through the CNS)  gets “blown out” through life’s experiences and then the main communication highway in the body that connects your 3 brains – your brain brain, your heart brain and your gut brain can’t talk properly and therefore illnesses occur.

The mind has 3 essential functions: record (experiences), protect (survival) and do (puts our ideas into the physical world by doing stuff).

And therefore due to early experiences, the mind “recorded” a/several painful events when they expressed themselves fully and it has decided that it shouldn’t “do” anything to express itself fully in the future, in order to “protect” itself. This is the cause of the breakdown of communication within the body and when the body stops communicating – illness occurs.

If you have read my free ebook – then you will know that the Freeze mechanism is the least powerful of all our survival choices. It’s the last resort survival option. With all freeze illnesses there is always a sense of powerlessness over their life that plays a part in the condition. 

So just imagine what it feels like to hold back your self expression ALL the time? Or whenever you try to express yourself you feel unsafe and so even glimpses of self expression become less and less? As human beings we have so much to offer others and when we withhold our gifts, I believe that our soul begins to suffer and illness (the body no longer working optimally) is a way of bringing this to our attention. The way has always felt like to me, is people full of light : that light wants to emanate from the body and shine forth but instead it is blocked. The light is held-back, or held-in. 

My theory is that people with M.S have A HUGE AMOUUNT to offer, and it’s this withholding that is keeping this condition in place.

I would genuinely love to know from people with M.S whether their remissions coincide with periods of self-expression or not.

I’m still trying to figure this out because I am honestly super curious to know what amazing talents people with M.S are holding back. Many people with Freeze mechanism illnesses and especially auto-immune illnesses are most definitely healers and helpers, but were super sensitive (rightly so as healers) as children so they internalised terrible untruths about themselves at an early age and then get stuck in the Freeze mechanism.

So for me, I am really keen to help people with auto-immune illnesses recover because the world really needs their gifts right now. We really need all healers working at full potential from 2020 onwards!

I would love to hear of your personal experiences with M.S and whether you resonate with or contest my theory! 

The original article on cashew nut compounds and M.S



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