At YDB we believe that everyone could benefit from this full programme because it offers you the opportunity to heal your past, create powerful self-awareness and knowing so that you return to the fullest and truest expression of you without limits.

This really is a deep dive into all you need to clear your limitations and blocks, restore your confidence and worth, gain clarity over your life and path, let go of what no longer serves you and come into your personal power so that you can move forward with self-knowledge, belief and vision.
This is the life preparation that you wish your education prepared you for succeeding at life.
This is a programme of clearing all that holds you back and restoring all that makes you amazing so that you can live the rest of your life with the confidence that you know how life works and what you need to stay thriving.
This programme is only available as a 1-2-1
This programme is only available as a 1-2-1 programme (video or telephone calling) because you really need a personal approach with this. Although the programme has set stages and processes, this process is personalised to you and your experiences. It just isn’t possible to get to the deepest layer in a group situation (webinar) or by yourself (video series) because what is held in your sub-conscious by it’s very nature, is below your awareness and therefore Sharon needs to give you her full attention. In this process, Sharon is able to not just provide you with the help to clear away your blocks and limitations, but teach you the tools you need specific to your health, happiness, purpose and goals.
This is offered in 1-2-1 for:
  • A deep and personal dive into the unnecessary limitations on your life
  • To quickly identify the themes in your life that need to be addressed and patterns broken
  • To gain a deeper understanding of your life so far and how to create the future you deserve
  • To Learn how to deal with the difficult situations in your life in a different way
  • To break life-long patterns
  • To adopt new perspectives that changes how you experience life without judgment


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Need more information?