What if life is rigged in your favour?

I love Rumi, I have a number of books about him and his works so I was surprised when I came across this Rumi quote recently, because it had a profound effect on me but I had never heard it before!


                     “Live life as if it is rigged in your favour.”  –  Rumi


How does it make you feel when you read these words?

For me, it hit me hard in my chest  which is always a good sign because as a lie-truth detector in human form, when something is powerfully true, it always hits me hard in my chest! I have never been punched thankfully, but I imagine it is similar because it winds me and almost knocks me down. 

I’m quite used to this feeling because it’s a sure sign that I need to take note.

If you have read my previous blog posts, I have one with the theme (and literally the words), “I’m an eternal optimist. I can’t help it.” And that is true. I am genuinely a natural optimist. 

I am also deeply committed to the true nature of power and the importance of not giving your power away to concepts or people – so you will always hear me talking about not giving power to negative people, ideas or concepts that restrict or limit you. 

I teach manifestation – I understand the vibrational need for a positive mindset and I also understand about the power of trust and faith , as well as the ability to receive what you resonate with.

And yet, when I read those words for the first time, I realised that there was a big gaping hole in my experience of this. I knew that I wasn’t living this as much as I thought I was! How shocking!

The “downside” (or upside depending on your perspective) of being a lie-truth detector in human form is that I know when I am not being true to myself either, so I cannot let a lie go unchallenged within myself.

I mean, I have noticed through the years from observing the rich and famous, that their sense of entitlement, does actually work at creating quite a privileged life.  If you are born into a family with a fortune, there comes with it a certain expectation, that life (and people) will just hand you what you need when you want it….. And you know what… it does!  

They EXPECT good stuff.

They EXPECT free stuff.

They EXPECT that the system is rigged in their favour (because let’s face it, from a financial-political level – it is).

I have often marvelled at rich people’s ability to be so unself-consciously entitled! There really does seem to be a self-fulfilling prophecy that comes with believing that life is rigged in your favour.

Now, let me be clear – I don’t admire their sense of entitlement, nor do I hold the rich in any particular esteem . I personally think that we should rename the “Super-Rich” (which implies it is something positive to be super-rich) as “Super-Hoarders” – which I personally think is more accurate! They hoard money and resources from everyone else, without having been or done anything more exceptional than the rest of us. 

But I’ll save my political party message for another day. 

No, I don’t admire super-hoarders, but I have noticed that they have very powerful mindsets that are cultivated  from birth and go unquestioned into adulthood, and life just seems to hand them their expectations on a plate.

In a world of co-creation – in a world of manifestation – when it comes to material success – maybe the super-hoarders could teach us a thing or two?

Now, I fully recognise that the beautiful and insightful Rumi was not referring to financial or material riches when he wrote this, so moving away from the idea that life being rigged in your favour is all about money,  let’s consider this,

How many times have you submitted something/applied for something needing someone else’s approval – only to not believe or know for sure that it will have a positive outcome?

Have you ever started something that you care deeply about, only to give up halfway because you feel like the obstacles were too great?

Have you ever not even started a project for fear of failure?

Have you ever even prevented an idea from forming/ not allowed yourself to dream of something for fear that just thinking about it would be foolish and doomed for disappointment or failure? 

I think we all fear failure at some level. But what if we lived as if life was truly rigged in our favour?

What if we ASSUMED success at everything we do? 

What if we labelled all our failures as success in failing ?!

What if we trusted in a deeply loving Universe to provide for us with what we need whenever we need it? (Even if it shows up in the form of a challenge – what if that challenge was especially rigged for our ultimate success?) 

How might life look differently, if we cultivated this mindset? 

There is a famous coaching question (I have even seen it on greeting cards too!),

“What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?” 

It’s a powerful question. But what about… 

How would you feel, if you knew the Universe supported you in every moment of your life?

What would you do, if you knew that life was rigged in your favour?

What if LIFE IS RIGGED IN YOUR FAVOUR and you just hadn’t noticed? 

What if from the moment you were born to the moment you die (and beyond) you are loved more than you could ever imagine? And every experience you have is perfectly rigged for your benefit? 

I was listening to this personal development guy called Chris Duncan the other day (just out of professional interest) and he suggested that we understand that we can have everything we choose. 

His affirmation for this being, “I can safely have everything I choose.”  

(He wouldn’t call it an affirmation and wouldn’t like me calling it one either, but it is, so I will)… I quite like that as an affirmation, I like the safety aspect of that affirmation, but I would adapt it to,

“I am worthy of everything I choose to experience.”

“I am worthy of everything I choose to experience… and I choose to experience  (fill in the blank).”

Why the change? Because we’re moving out of the era of immature wanting. The super-hoarders days are numbered. The systems will be changing. Life in the future is not going to be about what we can own/ what we have, now we’re moving into an era of experience

Valuing the experience of something rather than valuing objects. 

The idea of ownership is going to change drastically in the future. So, that’s why I would change the affirmation so that it is of a higher consciousness than just “getting what you want materially.”

(And you would be wise to start letting go of your attachment to “things” too. There is going to be a lot of  “loss of things” in the future, so it’s better to get used to not owning stuff from now!)

Try them both out and see how they both feel when you say them out loud.

That’s the thing about life… it all comes down to how we feel about it!

Do you trust life? 

Do you fear it? 

What do you expect from life? 

How do you expect life to treat you? 

I agree with Rumi, a life where you live as though it is rigged in your favour, seems like the most enjoyable way. 

So that’s my challenge to you – try living life for a week with this belief, that life is FOR YOU! It loves you! 

It’s rigged in your favour! And see if after a week, you want to keep going. 

I’m starting today too!  Let’s all swagger around with the confidence that life has our back! Because, truthfully, it really does.