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About Sharon Lawson

Healer and Teacher of Optimal Living

Sharon Lawson is a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Level 1 Instructor, Reiki Master aswell as many other healing modalities. Sharon is the founder of You Deserve Better and has developed the Original Blueprint process through 9 years of intensive research and therapy practice to offer you processes which create an optimal foundation from which everything else springs from. 

The word optimum in biology is often used to denote a condition that is favourable or best for a particular living entity and that’s exactly what Sharon’s work is dedicated to, helping you live the life you deserve: a wonderful one.. optimal to you.

This therapy system is unique in the way it combines energy work, sound healing, subconscious re-programming and spiritual techniques to get accelerated results.

Since recovering from M.E/ CFS in 2011, Sharon has dedicated the last 9 years researching the mind, body, spirit connection and has developed a deep bond with the spiritual world that allows her unique access to the energetic information field, the subconscious mind and higher guidance in order to find the core of any issue to aid her clients back to optimal physical, mental and emotional well being aswell as bringing clarity of purpose and direction to their work and lives.

Sharon’s has a unique connection with the truth of life. From a young age Sharon realised that she can hear the truth even when it’s not being offered. She has a special ability to know when and where the truth is hidden and she is able to bring it into conscious awareness with compassion and in a way that it is healing.

She created the Original Blueprint Process to act as a fast-track to releasing the trauma of the human experience that we all share and to re-connect back into the matrix of life so that you can fulfill your purpose with greater ease, grace, clarity and connection. It acts as a soul re-set.

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From my clients...

I have so many great things to say about working with Sharon.

Originally I had started connecting with Sharon after hitting a real low point with the recent passing of my dad. I knew I had more to give as a human and this wasn’t me. … I have found working with Sharon invaluable.

Very quickly into our sessions I started to identify a number of factors concerning family ties, perceived trauma and lack of self worth that were really holding me back from my ambitions and dreams. Over a period of a few months there are no doubts that I have been set free.

Sharon is able to build a level of trust with you that gives you certainty that you need from a coach.  Her friendly and charismatic nature makes you feel like your on a journey together, without the power dynamic of the classic teacher/student setup.

I am eternally grateful for the work that Sharon has done with my personal growth, and I have no doubts that I will cross paths with her in the near future creating a more compassionate and harmonious world.

If you are looking for somebody to trust, who is highly connected and in tune with your path and journey. She’s the coach for you. So much gratitude!!

Stacey J – Partnerships Development at NGO, Bangkok Thailand

From my clients...

I struggled with gastritis and  H. Pylori infection for over a year…I felt that the medical world completely failed me as doctors ignored my complaints of multiple symptoms until I ended up with undeniable severe symptoms. 

Initially I was quite skeptical and found some of the techniques and affirmations we used a bit uncomfortable. Over time Sharon made me realise why I felt so uncomfortable. We looked back at my previous experiences that made me feel unworthy and ‘not good enough’. It was such a massive eye opening experience that I could not believe how lost I had been and how unhappy with just being me. I had no idea.

Over a few weeks, I started  noticing that for the first time since I can remember I felt that I deserve to be ‘here’ and I felt truly happier with just being me….I started feeling better physically and re tested for H. Pylori infection again and the test came back negative!!

This is such a difficult infection to get rid of due to high resistance to antibiotics but I haven’t even used another antibiotic! I had my prescription for a triple therapy antibiotic but decided to wait and see what will happen following my work with Sharon and it definitely worked! Few months down the line I am much happier and stronger person. I got a better, more fulfilling job/promotion at work and feel happy again with what I do. 

Nina S –  NHS Physiotherapist, Bristol

From my clients...

I was recommended Sharon through a friend who I noticed had an amazing affect on her life and looked and was, so well! I knew that whatever Sharon had to give that it would be right for me as I felt that I didn’t know what to do next, my health was not good and my body was shutting down.

After our first 2 sessions I knew there was an amazing shift in consciousness! I started to see the world differently and her affirmations that she gave me had a profound affect!

I had found the old me again and realised that I could step up to my calling !

I would definitely recommend Sharon to anyone who feels they have lost their way, looking for that missing piece of the puzzle and ready to live life to the full!! 

Was an amazing experience and one that I so wished I had done earlier !

Sharon T – On the path to being a Healer, Cornwall

From my clients...

Having lived with ME/CFS since diagnosis in 2004 I have struggled to maintain any kind of normality in my personal, social and working life. I had tried the Lightning Process, CBT, NLP, pacing, acupuncture and gave up my job but nothing provided me with a sustainable solution to my illness.

To be honest I was concerned about the cost of a course but realised that it was an investment in myself and that I deserved it in fact I believe that was my first step in recovery.

I found my sessions with Sharon engaging and fulfilling. She is so knowledgeable and is able to relate theory to practice readily.

I began to respond quickly, actually after the initial conversation. As my positivity, joy and knowledge grew so my health improved to the point that I was able to say “I no longer have M.E”. 

I would happily recommend you to others living with ME/CFS.

Thank you, Sharon for giving me the opportunity to get my life back.

Joanna S– Self- Employed Textile Artist, Cornwall

From my clients...

I originally started working with Sharon to get some clarity around some long-term health problems I was having and hopefully shift some energy to facilitate some healing. I got that and so much more!

I now know my life and soul purpose. I had been really stuck and struggling with that for the past several years.  We changed an attraction pattern to resolve an old behaviour pattern that I was stuck in & was not serving me. I learned how to stand in my own power…which felt like an impossible dream. I’ve been able to quit all my meds (that the Doctors said I would have to be on the rest of my life).

Sharon has been a delight to work with and is very generous with her many gifts and talents.

Ellison J – Artist & Art Therapist & Carer, Seattle USA

From my clients...

Working with Sharon has been life-changing in so many ways.  I’ve had coaching and intuitive healing sessions and both were excellent.

Sharon’s approach is no nonsense and results-oriented.  Whatever you need help with, if you’re prepared to work hard and be open-minded, you’ll find great benefits from sessions.  Sharon will bring perspective and strategy to long-term troublesome situations and change how you think about yourself and the world.

Sharon’s healing techniques get right to the heart of whatever issue is bothering you.  She’s so accurate that it can be confronting, but she’ll gently guide you through ways to deal with whatever it is that comes up for healing, bringing new awareness and practical skills.

Sharon’s honest, caring approach is tailored to each client and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better.

Sally G – Writer & Publicist, Plymouth

From my clients...

The thing that I love about Sharon Lawson as a coach is that she is an immensely powerful and challenging coach who wouldn’t let me off the hook from my greatness, yet who is very playful, laughs easily and finds the joy in everything.

Sharon is extremely insightful and intuitive; often picking up on things that I simply wasn’t aware of…there were more than a few “A-HA” moments.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who needs a coach with a lot of depth and a strongly spiritual approach.. anyone who doesn’t just want life of achieving and acquiring stuff but really wants to love their life, find their purpose and live a life of meaning. She can work with anyone, but if you need the big guns, hire Sharon.

Kris S– Professional Intuitive Counsellor and Author, Hove

From my clients...


Sharon is a very kind and connected healer. The work she does is a very gentle process. She connects to you and is able to read a person holistically and gives you a new insight in to what is going on in your body mind and soul.

She gave me great clarity in to a problem that I have been struggling and suffering with for the past twelve years. Due to a serious accident I had whenever I looked in the mirror, I did not recognise the person I looked at.

In just one session she was able to connect me with a part of myself that has been missing, and enabled me to integrate with that part of myself again.

It is a complete miracle, and now I feel more connected and stable within myself. I feel calmer and I finally after all these years recognise the person I’m looking at in mirror.

Working with Sharon you’re very supported and listened to and she explained everything to me and made me feel very safe and supported. If you are ready to evolve then I would highly recommend her to help you.

Chloe C – Healer, Tunbridge Wells

From my clients...


Being a coach myself, I am not easily coached!  I know how to help people, but I am often not one that can easily be helped.

 Sharon knew what I was looking for, and helped me to really achieve my goal. Every time Sharon answered the phone, it was so light and fun, that it put me at ease!  I loved how I wasn’t chatting to a coach or someone doing it by the book, I was chatting with someone who really wanted me to succeed in my work, and when I was ready to give it up, it was nice to have someone believe in me and know that I could do it.  Otherwise, I would have never completed the project!

I would recommend Sharon to anyone that has a goal and wants their own personal cheerleader, coach and friend to help them achieve it.  Sometimes we forget that we can do anything we set our minds to and Sharon really helped me, and I am sure she can help you too!

Terry B- Medium & Coach, London

From my clients...

Before the process I thought I had pretty good self-worth.   But there were times when there was a feeling of less worthiness.

After the process I felt really good.  And I would say that my overall self-worth – conscious, subconscious, unconscious as well as superconscious – has excelled over time.

I went into this process with a sense of ‘beginner’s mind’.  I was delighted with the actual process. Ridiculously simple, but some of the most powerful things are simple. Of course there are many great benefits to this process. 

How you feel about yourself changes everything. I am growing in self-belief and revelling in who I am as an emanation of the universe. It was fun working with Sharon on this process.  She was respectful, loving and had a sense of lightness and fun about this.

I would recommend this process to people who were actively seeking more wholeness.

Carlos G – Earth Wisdom Teacher & Guide, Devon

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